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About Us

tch productions

With over 500 videos,  tch productions is a full service video production house based in Los Angeles, CA.  The company was started by

teresa crespo hartendorp in 2011 to create and produce videos that appealed to her desire and taste in a wide array of subject matters. 

Teresa is a working actress in Hollywood, CA, and has written, directed, scored, edited with special effects and colorized films such as

Vigilantette,  Melody & Harmony,  Hey Sailor~Hey Sister,  She Smile Pretty

and The People Of Peace:  A Message From The Hopi. 

Working both in front and behind the scenes has given Teresa a unique vision and skillset to create specialty videos for her clients. 

Please see our video examples of Live Music, Creative Music Concepts,  Performances, Parties, Commercials, Promotions and Documentaries.

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